Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Packing Plans

Just a warning, this is a long post, but there are lots of pictures if you just want to scan. :)

2 things just happened... 1, Nick, the girls, and I went to San Diego for a little vacation and 2, before going on the trip, I decided to take on a challenge.  I came across an article titled How to Pack 20 Outfits in One Carry On.  It intrigued me because just like pretty much every other person out there, I always pack waaay too much because I never know what I am going to want to wear.  For this trip, though, I followed the guidelines of the article pretty closely by packing only a few items of clothing that could all be matched together in different ways.  This way I could come up with various outfits using the few clothes that I brought.

I followed the amount of each item of clothing to bring, but I didn't follow the exact items the article suggested because of where I was going and what we would be doing.  It's not like I needed a pair of black trousers and a button front blouse on a trip to a warm climate city where I would be chasing kids at SeaWorld and playing at the beach!  Check out what the article said to bring here and then check out what I did...

*Side note: Some of the items of clothing in the pictures are items that look like the clothing that I brought.  Not every picture is an exact match of the clothes, but I tried to find pictures of things that looked very similar to what I brought.

Color Palette:

  • The article says to pick a color palette and I've read in other articles that this helps reduce the amount of shoes, accessories, etc. that you will need to pack and then you can also throw neutral colored clothes in with your theme.  I didn't pick a color palette ahead of packing, but after looking at my clothes, I realized that I actually did have a color theme...

Plane Ride:

  • I wore a skirt for 2 reasons: 1, it was a hot day in Seattle and San Diego and 2, it was my way of bringing a skirt in case I wanted one to wear instead of the maxi dress that I decided to pack as a "Bottoms" item (see Bottoms below).
  • Instead of packing the Outer Layer cardigan, I brought it with me on the plane in case I got chilly  and so I would have more room in my suitcase (also see Outer Layer below).
  • I always wear flip flops now on plane rides to avoid the hassle of taking off shoes while also trying to get everything up on the scanning belt and then back into the carry on bags, etc., etc.

SD plane ride

Bottoms (4 items):
  • khaki shorts
  • army green shorts
  • jeans - the article says to bring dark jeans, but I knew that if I wanted to dress nice, I could wear the maxi dress, so I opted for the comfy jeans (I never ended up wearing the jeans)
  • dress - the article says to bring a skirt, but I kind of wanted to bring a maxi dress so I decided to wear a skirt on the plane, just in case I ended up wanting one

SD bottoms part 2

Tops (4 items):

  • polka dot blouse
  • navy tank
  • gray tshirt
  • white tank

SD tops

Shoes (the article says to bring 3, but I just packed 2) and Accessories (3):

  • brown sandals
  • brown flip flops - I've had these for years, they are my favorite, my staple, and I go nowhere without them!
  • scarf
  • jewelry
  • belt
SD shoes and accessories

Outer Layers (2)
  • I wore the white cardigan on the plane for one less item to pack.
  • I brought a hoody in case I got cold at night in the hotel room.

Bags (the article says 2, but I didn't pack any extra)
  • Only brought my tote as a carry on.  I had no need for extra bags on this trip.

The article says that every bottom should match every top.  I didn't quite meet that requirement, but I was close enough.  Here is an example of how my khaki shorts matched every top and the possible outfits that could be put together:

SD khaki shorts outfits

Of course, I also had to brings things for the beach (bikini, shorts, tank) and personal items (underwear, bras, white tanks, etc.) that are a given, but don't go on the list.

So that was my plan.  Here are the outfits I ended up putting together...

SD day 1
SD day 2
SD day 3
SD day 4
SD day 5

I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if I'd run out of clothes.  1 year old M peed on me at SeaWorld so that shirt was out for the rest of the trip (luckily it was hot so the pee dried quickly!), but other than that, I was able to repeat clothes because nothing got too dirty or stinky. :) Nick even forgot to wear deodorant to SeaWorld and he surprisingly didn't stink by the end of the day - he's going to just love that I posted that!

Also, I had so much room in my suitcase!!  I couldn't believe all the extra space in there... I didn't have to sit on my suitcase in order to zip it up this time!  AND... I wore jewelry!  I never wear jewelry, but since I was following the article and it said to bring jewelry, I brought it... so since it was in my suitcase I decided to wear it!!

Do you think you could pack like this?  It was actually kind of fun putting the clothes and outfits together!!

P.S. My favorite part of this trip... my little traveler that insisted on lugging her suitcase around both the Seattle and San Diego airports...

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  1. Hi Katie-love this post and loved seeing the pictures of your family! I'll have to come back to this page next time we go on a trip. Miss you guys!