Friday, August 16, 2013

The Baking Cupboard

I think this may have to be my personal motto:

So if you couldn't figure it out from the huge sign above, I love to bake!  Sometimes its just throwing together some muffins with 2 year old B and other times its spending some extra time trying out new recipes or working on making my own recipes (stay tuned for my personal Snickerdoodle recipe in the fall).  My favorite thing to do is make chocolate chip cookie dough and keep it in the fridge (its good in there for about a week).  Just before I take the kids back to bed I put a couple of cookies in the oven so that when I emerge into the relaxing quiet hours of the night I can enjoy a nice gooey, warm, delicious chocolate chip cookie.

I could go on and on about baking, but what this post is really about is my baking cupboard.  I keep almost all of my baking supplies in one cupboard so that they are easy to find and use.  I use the cupboard that is conveniently located just above the mixer so I can have everything in one place.

Here's a view of the baking area in the kitchen:

And here is the baking cupboard in all its organized glory:

The picture is pretty straightforward, but if you keep reading on, I'll give a rundown of all those exciting organizational details shelf by shelf...

The cookie cutters didn't fit into the baking cupboard, so I organized them into tubs and put them in the cupboard on the other side of the microwave - still within reach of the baking area, of course! :)

Before I got started, I made a list of how I would like to organize the baking items:
- tub for cookie cutters (separated into categories)
- piping bag, tops, food coloring, etc. in bin
- dry and wet measuring items together
- mixing bowls
- gasket jar for cupcake liners
- plastic tubs for flour, sugar, powdered sugar, and brown sugar
- see through containers for sprinkles

Then I took everything out of the cupboard (I'll spare you the picture of that disaster) and then started putting it all back in the cupboard in its new tubs and containers.  Keeping all of my baking items organized has actually saved me quite a bit of time and money because I'm not searching for things and I'm not buying double of what I already have.

And that's it - the wonderful baking cupboard!!

On second thought, I think this might be my more specific personal motto:

Want to know what I used to help me organize?  I ended up purchasing all of the organizing containers from Storables.

Jar for cupcake liners:
click here for where to buy online

Containers for sprinkles:
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Containers for flour, sugar, etc.
click here for where to buy online

Bins for holding wet & dry measuring, food coloring, and sprinkles containers:
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