Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Menu: Back to Work I Go

When you live with someone long enough (and also happen to have 2 kids with them) its easy to look past all the good things.  Well, this week, my husband reminded just how great he is.  I went back to work this week after 5 glorious stressful interesting months at home with my 2 girls.  I stayed home for a whole year with my 2 year old and I am feeling like I have somehow cheated my 5 month old by not only going back to work after just giving her 5 months of me, but by only giving her 5 months of half of me since the other half of me was learning how deal with the emotional roller coaster of a 2 year old (more on that in a different post).  Going back to work is so hard and figuring out a new balance is even more difficult, but luckily for me, my husband didn't offer to, but just planned 4 meals that HE was going to cook this week.  Oh, and he went to the store.  If I sound like I'm bragging a little, I am... it was great!!  Here is what he cooked for us:

1. homemade pizza & roasted veggies

2. asian chicken salad & bread

3. chicken caesar salad & paninis

4. buttermilk pancakes, fruit, turkey sausage

Before the work week started we rode the Santa train where we had hot chocolate & cookies and the girls got to sit on Santa's lap.  Baby M cuddled right up to Santa's belly and snoozed and as usual, 2 year old B refused to smile, but at least there were no tears!

I am so grateful that Nick took charge of the meals so that I could just relax and play with these wonderful girls when I got home from work.

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