Sunday, February 17, 2013

From Bad to Worse... to Worser??

Okay, I'm not sure if worser is a word, but I've decided to make it one.  If you read my last post you'll know that there isn't a whole lot of sleep happening in my house.  Most days I can get up from a loooong night and somehow function as if I'd had enough sleep, but other days I drag.  On Monday morning after being up with a coughing baby for 3 hours, I was having a hard time functioning.  I was foggy, baby M was cranky, and the impulsive neurons in 2 year old B's brain were firing at full speed (I don't know if that's a real thing, but it makes me feel better to give a scientific explanation to the reason why 2 year old B is only wearing tennis shoes and a soft cap while wildly running around the house yelling, "bare bum Baya, you better watch out!" while I am trying to catch her so I can get her dressed and in the car so I can make it to work on time - ah).

On this morning, I somehow managed to get all 3 of us dressed, fed, had my 4 + bags packed and ready to load in the car for the day, and I just needed to run downstairs to throw some dirty towels in the wash.  I grabbed the towels and headed downstairs and if you were a fly on the wall in my house, you would have heard the following series of sounds as I stepped off the bottom step: "squish squish squish, splash SPLASH, "oh @#$%!"


It turns out that way far down in the pipes a root worked its way in and has been collecting all kinds of fun things that try to flow past it and then one day it collected one too many things and blocked up the whole outflow pipe which caused a water explosion out of the toilet!  At the time though all I knew was there was a lot of water... I mean A LOT of water just pooling on and under the laminate floors, under the washer and dryer, around the water heater, and in the bathroom.  The water managed to seep its way into every crevice and under every piece of furniture it could.  Oh and the water even made its way into my newly organized office area.  I used all the towels in the house to try and soak it up and eventually had to give up because I needed to go to work.  This is where the best dad in the world comes into play and came over while I was at work to Shopvac up as much water as he could.  He said he quit after vacuuming up about 3 gallons of water! Although anyone who looked at that room would think it didn't look organized, it actually was.  There were just piles of things to go to goodwill scattered about and a bunch of Christmas lights that needed to be put away lining one of the walls.  But now, it looks like this...

Those towels piled up in the sink are from my frantic attempt to mop up all the water.
Oh and my newly organized office area looked like this for a few weeks...

But now it looks like this...

And the playroom we love to spend so much time in now looks like this...


P.S.  To make matters even worser my nanny quit... by voicemail... with no notice so I was left scrambling to find childcare!

Geesh, rough week!!!

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  1. Oh goodness Katie....worser is the perfect word!! Hope you guys (and the floor) are all on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you and the girls soon. XOXOX, Alison